Hi, I'm Katrina and I live in the North-West Scottish Highlands.

Having trained to facilitate groups and share mindfulness practice both of wakefulness and sleep, and with a background in outdoor learning and nature connection, I am continually exploring and developing workshops that weave these themes together to nurture a deep connection with ourselves and the world around us.

I believe nature connection and mindful practice complement and enhance each other beautifully; being more mindful enables an appreciation of the beauty and aliveness around us, while being surrounded by the dynamic rhythm and flow of nature deepens the experience of mindfulness practice. I personally think this is a fundamental puzzle piece in a holistic approach to the health and well being of both us as individuals and the world in which we live. I have also come to believe that unless we are effectively connecting with our own internal environments, it’s very hard to intrinsically connect with and value our external environment, which I consider to be contributing to the destruction of the natural resources that we so dependently rely on. This has created a curiosity within me, fuelled by my own journey of mental health, to delve further into our individual relationship with the self.

Mindfulness of wakefulness and sleep has become such an important part of my life and has been transformational for my mental wellbeing. I am passionate about sharing this with others and holding space to allow this to happen. I have been on many retreats and trainings and continue to deepen my own practice to offer quality guidance for others.

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