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It gives me enormous pleasure to share this with you - ways to connect more deeply - with nature, with yourself and with your community.

Coming home to ourselves, in my opinion, is what all our transformation work is about.

It's discovering and learning ways to remember who we are, to connect with ourselves and discover what's important to us, what we want and how to make steps towards achieving that.

It's all about whats inside, what lights up our hearts and souls.

I have been on a massive journey to get where I am today and still every day I learn, I grow and I feel richer within.

I am qualified in many disciplines and these experiences add to what I share with you today (from Life coaching to mindfulness and compassion and a host of disciplines in-between)

Yet inspire of 20 years experience in an array of disciplines designed to aid emotional wellbeing - I felt like I had come home when I started studying firstly forest bathing, then shinrin-yoku and more recently natural mindfulness.

As I have evolved, my services have also evolved, and much of this my past learning is infused into  Forest and Nature therapy and mindful walks, retreats and trainings.

Nature and Forest Therapy has become a huge part of what I share and feel hugely honoured to be able to facilitate this with each and every person along my way.

I have a rolling program of events that run

  • Virtual Nature Connection experiences
  • Guided therapy walks in various locations North Lincs / South Yorkshire & North Nottinghamshire
  • Full day nature connection retreats
  • Weekend and extended weekend retreats to immerse even deeper.

To keep up to date with new events - check out my website what I offer and the calendar half way down 



North Lincolnshire, UK

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