Storytelling is one of the defining characteristics of being human. No other animal on Earth tells stories like we do and the stories we tell determine the nature of our relationship with ourselves and the world around us, which in turn influences our actions and behaviours. The narratives we choose to tell ourselves and each other have a huge impact on our individual and collective well-being – and ultimately the well-being of the rest of life we share our environment with.


Set in the beautiful and inspirational wilderness of the Nantlle valley, this weekend workshop will explore the value and power of storytelling. It will provide participants with the skills and confidence to tell compelling stories through practical, hands-on approaches that explore what it takes to create strong narratives. Whether you want to improve your conversation skills, start a blog, prepare a speech, or produce a film – first, you need to know how to tell a story.

In a supportive, fun and open setting, Claire and Bethan will guide you through the process of creating original stories, using mindful engagement with nature, group discussions, mindfulness meditations and games.

All stories originate in our conscious minds. When nurtured by the richness of direct experiences in contact with the natural world, these narratives can gain originality, creativity, and wisdom.

Compelling narratives not only spark deeper connection with ourselves and others but can also inspire actions for a happier, more peaceful and sustainable world. At a time where globally accepted stories of unregulated growth and consumption drive environmental destruction and social inequality, we need to change the stories we live by to change the world.  So …what’s your story?

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