Our Mission

We are at the dawn of a large-scale re-connection with nature. I believe the conscious awakening to this deep relationship has the ability to transcend previous environmental movements and reshape our world. This undercurrent is gaining momentum and influencing every element of our lives.

This longing for more Nature Connection is awakening first in those who have the ability and passion to guide others. They are emerging all over the world and creating ways to reconnect us with nature, each other and our own true inner nature.

Nature Therapy, Shinrin-ryoho/Forest Therapy, Natural Mindfulness, Shinrin-yoku/Forest Bathing, Ecotherapy, Eco-Healing, ForestMind, “Love Thy Nature”, Forest Schools, Forest Based Interventions (FoBI) and Rewilding projects  are just a few of the many wonderful nature-connection opportunities evolving to encourage people to form a new relationship with nature.

Science is also confirming what generations of humans have sensed for thousands of years, that forests and natural landscapes heal us.

The mission of this evolving online community is to provide a space for nature-based activity providers to promote their Nature Connection activities/experiences so more and more people can explore opportunities to develop a deeper connection with nature and their own true nature.

Whether you are a community builder or a visitor seeking nature connection opportunities,  click here to join us.

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Ian Banyardfounder of Nature Connection World and Natural Mindfulness.